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BikieChics Winter Weekend Away

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Our Chariots for the WWA...

Our Chariots for the WWA...

G’day BikieChics,

Well we where off again.  It seems so long since we have been on our bikes – but on Friday we headed off for our annual winter ride out towards Tamworth.  We left early on Friday morning, but even though the sun was out, the temperature was still in single digits. I got up early really excited about my long weekend ride but as I battled the Sydney traffic out of the city some of that excitement wore off; I finally met Di at the Somersby interchange.  We synced up our intercoms again and we were on the road again. The sun was out, we were on our bikes again, chatting, music playing – what more could a couple of BikieChics ask for? We rode up through Gloucester and pulled up for the night at Walcha just before the cold really set in.   A nice warm pub, a bottle of wine and dinner – it was all good in our BikieChic world.

Down town Bendemeer - where all the action happens!

Down town Bendemeer - where all the action happens!


The next day we only had to ride about 150kms, so we had a late start and waited for the sun to get up higher and burn off some that chill before checking out Bendemeer for morning tea and Dungowan for lunch.  We then rode onto Nundle, checking out Sheba Dams on the way.  Each year Ducati Owners Club of NSW host a rally out at Sheba Dams raising money for their charity – Moorong Spinal Unit at Ryde.  The rally is schedule again for October 10th – check out for more information, everyone is welcome!  Anyway, our weekend away was the recon ride with the club members to see if Nundle is still there, the pub still sells grog and no-one has moved the campsite.  Check – yep it was all good.  Di and I also checked out our favourite little woolen mill in Nundle before leaving on Sunday morning for our ride back home.  Again we were blessed with fabulous weather all weekend and got home safely at about 6pm last night. All in all another 1000kms under our belts and HUGE smiles on the dials again.    

Parked at Bendemeer

Parked at Bendemeer

But really this weekend was another hard weekend of work again girls!!  We were out there testing our latest products – and are very happy to report back on them for you!! 

Ladies Riding Jeans – we have found a great new product on the market that we believe far out do the competitors.  They are a stretch jean lined with the softest Kevlar we have ever seen.  These jeans look great with a bootcut leg which dont look like your typical riding jeans at all.  They where so comfortable to wear all day – if you where only going for an overnight ride, you wouldn’t bother taking another pair of trousers, these jeans would be great.  They come in REAL women’s fitting as well – 8 through 22! And at $189 a pair – they definitely got our tick of approval. 

Ladies Thermal Tops – We are always on the lookout for new tops that provide warmth without bulk.  We found this great new women’s thermal made from 100% Merino wool with a high neck and zip up front.  It is a top that you can wear as a thermal undergarment or even as a nice top on its own.  I wore mine all weekend and it was superb.  Generous fittings as well – I am normally a size 22, but comfortably fitted into a size 18 in this garment.  Sizes from 8 through to 18.  $99.95 – this one  too gets the big tick!  These new items are now available for sale in our webstore;

Not all products that we test make it – being a bit of a cold frog Di tested a new neckwarmer fabric we found recently as well.  Unfortunately this one didn’t cut the mustard and will not be making it to the BikieChic range.  The neckwarmers we have on the range at the moment are still the best we can find.

Later this week we are off on the road again!! Woohoo!! This time though we aren’t riding bikes, Di & I (and our husbands) are flying up to Cairns and collecting a couple of motorhomes and driving back to Sydney over the course of 7 days.  Stayed tuned for that update. 

Until next time BikieChics (and boys) – stay safe…..


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