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BikieChic Tropical Adventure – Mar 2010

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Sometimes I truly believe I am blessed – having a motorcycle rental business allows me to travel to other cities to deliver, collect or book out motorcycles for customers.  It’s a tough job, but must be done and hey I am all up for working hard!

Recently I had the need to fly to Cairns to book out 4 bikes to customers from Brazil touring our fine land for the next 21 days. 

As you know any opportunity that Diane & I can leave the husbands at home and sneak off for another BikieChic Adventure .  So with my trusty official bag and paperwork carrier (Di) – we are there!! 

On Monday, We DRAGGED ourselves out of bed at 4am – a bloody early start, but that was a small price for a few days away.  We got to Sydney airport for a 6am flight to Cairns – all very uneventful (don’t we love uneventful flights!!!!)  Landing in Cairns we were faced with 86% humidity and 30c temperate – Bugger!!!   We quickly acquired a rental car – a small Suzuki Swift which then swiftly delivered us to the nearest Information Centre for some local attraction information to assist with planning the next tour. 

Then off to the local shopping centre for some much deserved R&R.  It is funny, but I never get time to do serious shopping in Sydney, and it always seems that when I write these blogs – all I ever do is shop.  The reality is – these little trips are one of the few times I ever get to see a shopping centre! 

We checked into our 4.5 star hotel thanks to and booking the mystery hotel – landing the Mantra Trilogy Cairns – very nice, small room and right in the centre of town opposite the lagoon.  We rounded the day off with a little personal pampering, with a pedicure and manicure – now that is luxury!!!

Up bright and early again on Tuesday – it was time to go to work.   We met up with our Brazilian riders,  completed all the relevant paperwork and handed over the bikes.  While the boys were off on the trip of a lifetime, Di and I were off for another day exploring in Far North Queensland. 

We headed further north to Daintree Rain Forest, for a Crocodile Cruise on the Daintree River.  We spotted a few crocodiles, snakes and enjoyed a very peaceful river cruise for an hour before heading to Daintree Village for a Barramundi lunch (when in Rome…..) 

Crocodile Cruise BikieChics

For desert we found a couple of local Ice Cream factories and decided that an ice-cream tasting tour was certainly the order of the day… our first experience was at Floraville Ice Cream Factory with Goji & Rainforest Fruit Honey ice cream…. mmmmm.  At this we where blessed with an up close and personal viewing of the stunning blue Ulysses butterflies.  OMG they are amazing and just fluttered around us everywhere! 

We continued our trip heading towards Cape Tribulation – paid our $20 for the ferry crossing, and discovered Cassowarry Crossings – there were all these speed humps that had a picture of Cassowarries on them – so that must be where they cross – we waited to see if we could spot one, but no luck. 

Further up the road we found  the road blocked by a small weir crossing the road with .3mtrs of fast flowing water. 

We decided that the Swift may not be up for making a swiftly water crossing and turned back – only to meet again our new Brazilian boys and their bikes at the water crossing.  Their first nights accommodation was at Cape Tribulation and decided they were up for the crossing.  They made it look so easy and we waved them good bye from the other side and headed back towards Cairns.  Along the way we came across another Ice Cream factory – what’s with this?  Two ice-cream factories within a couple of kms of each other.  Well when in Rome…. Another ice cream tasting tour seemed to be the only thing that might console our shorten trip.  

Back in Cairns for a few wines over a very nice Italian meal was a delightful way to wrap up what had been another beautiful day exploring.  We decided that we would pass on desert though – just couldn’t justify another ice cream.  

Over dinner we decided to implement another dream that Diane has – BikieChic Adventures!!  We are planning on creating 3 or 4 weekend rides away each year for all women.  We want to invite likeminded women to join us for a riding adventure to a NSW country town.  The things we can manage over 1 glass of wine (ok maybe 2) and a good Italian dinner is quite amazing!! 

More information can be found at


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