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BikieChic Adventure – Women In Walch April ’10

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Saturday 24th April.

What an exciting day! The plan to meet the girls at 8am at the shop – I was up bright and early and ready by 7am!!! Yep I was excited!

By the time we arrived at Berowra Mobil Service Station – another 17 girls where there and excited to get going.


A quick blat up the freeway to meet the next group at Beresfield BP Service Station – by the time we left there were 25 excited BikieChics all ready for their very first BikieChic Adventure.

This weekend we are taking Walcha by storm – BikieChic Adventures Inaugural weekend away. The first of 3 or 4 weekends away a year, where we can create an environment for like minded women motorcyclists to get together and share experiences and enjoyable riding. We pulled out at 11.30am from Beresfield and headed off for Buckets Way and had a great ride up to Gloucester for lunch.

Di & Selena had arranged to meet with the local organizer of the Gloucester Motorcycle Muster on the 9th May. After an interview with the local newspaper and quick photo shoot we headed off to check out the location for the muster. The girls occupied themselves with some lunch in town before a stream of BikieChics riding out of Gloucester with Walcha in their sights – watching all the bikes riding single file was a amazing sight to behold.

Mother Chook (Di) out the front with all the little BikieChics following. We had fully booked out 2 hotels in Walcha (Commercial & Appsley) – so the girls had the run of the joints – what more could we want!!!

The evening kicked off with a few drinks over our meet and greet – were each of us introduced ourselves, telling all what we ride and how we got into riding – very enlightening and massive giggles. Dinner at the Commercial Hotel was a well organized event – with Atlantic Salmon or Stuffed Chicken breasts on the menu.

Sunday 25th April

Everyone was up bright and early on Sunday morning and at 9.30am – all fueled up we met for our fully planned/packed day.


Di had arranged with Karen from the Commercial Hotel for a packed picnic lunch which we stored into top boxes and headed out of town for our next adventure. In Uralla we rode around the outskirts of the township to avoid the Anzac parade down the main street and then onto Armidale and to the beautiful Wollomombi Gorge.

We hung out there for a few hours, checking out the scenery, grazing over cheese and biscuits and eating our picnic lunch – very civilized. It was amazing what we chatted about – from discussing motorbikes, to riding techniques, riding gear it was a fabulous exchange of information for all of us. Such a joy when we are so passionate about the same thing!!!

When we left the waterfall, it came over dark and before we knew it, the heavens opened up and dumped bucket load of rain.


We rode through Armidale to a little village called Kentucky where we had a delicious afternoon tea with fresh warm scones and muffins. Wow, Di had really done a great job at keeping us well feed and watered!!!!

The general store at Kentucky had the fire going so we were able to dry and warm up over afternoon tea before getting back on our bikes heading back to Walcha for a warm shower.

Dinner tonight was down at the Apsley Hotel – so the BikieChics staying at the Commercial piled into the courtesy bus which runs between the 2 pubs.


This pub was rocking, we met a couple groups of riders, all staying Walcha for the night and had been riding around the local area – great roads and scenery, who wouldn’t want to ride around this area.

  Monday 26th April

  Up on Monday morning – we all met up at the service station where we filled up for our trip home.

Half of the girls had decided that they would make their ride down the Putty Road home – whilst Di and I decided to head back through Gloucester for breakfast/morning tea. In Gloucester Frances an Selena decided to swap bikes for a little fun and rode down to Stroud Rd before turning towards Paterson for lunch.

Well that is where things got a little interesting – after a near miss with a crazy ute driver with a trailer, Selena, Frances and Alison finally pulled into Paterson a little shakey and paler for the experience. The fool in the ute just had to get passed the bikes and overtook my bike on the corner on double lines with a car heading towards him. He pulled in sharply and nearly took me out – scaring the b-jesus out of the oncoming driver who then left the road and was sliding out of control down the shoulder of the road.

In Paterson we had a nice little lunch having only just made it before the kitchen closed – a flurry of conversation of the crazy ute driver before all mounting our bikes ready to head home. Well did I mention interesting, hehe… Hayleys bike decided to pull a battery muscle and wouldn’t start – nothing, zilch, nada!! After about 5 minutes of us trying to get the seat off the bike, this is when you find out the true value of ‘locals’. John (a local Norton restorer) came to our rescue and helped with the seat to then announce that the battery was dead. He took Hayleys bike back to his place – charged it for a few hours. Hayley reckons the guy is a artist with the most amazing garage full of beautifully restored Nortons.

Lucky girl – the bike finally charged again a few hours later she headed home. As we got closer to the city, we started splitting up for our various homes. I finally pulled up at home around 7.30pm, feeling quite wary after a long and exciting day.

The inaugural BikieChic adventure was a huge success; everyone had a good time and got home safely. Roll on the next BikieChic Adventure – Bathurst or Bust scheduled for September. For more information check out:

Until next time – ride safe. Selena


One thought on “BikieChic Adventure – Women In Walch April ’10

  1. I’m so chuffed to have been a part of your latest adventure. I’m working my way up to trans-continental ambitions but Walcha was plenty for a long weekend and SO much fun. Thanks again, you two are amazing. Hx

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