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BikieChic – Bathurst or Bust 2010


Another brilliant day – the sun was out and plans where made!!!  Another “BikieChic Adventure” was about to start – we had counted down all the sleeps and everyone was very excited.  WOOHOO!!!!

The first meeting point was at Bikescape and quick time was made to the next point at Rouse Hill.  About 8 of us left Rouse Hill for the big meeting point at the Fruit Bowl at Bilpin. 

 By this time we where 22 strong, and new freindships where starting to be formed already.  The ride route was discussed and we headed up the hill towards Lithgow – go to the Lithgow McDonalds, turn left and then right at the Shell Service Station – fill up with fuel and regroup. 

Well it all sounds pretty easy doesn’t it!  Ha!  However, the sky was so black and the wind and rain was horrendous – corner marking went right out the window!!! We had 2 go straight ahead at McDonalds, and not turn left!  Six girls rode past the Shell Service Station and needed to be chased down before reaching Katoomba again on the Great Western Highway.  In the meantime, everyone else waited at the Servo whilst the rain set in and became torrential!

Given how heavy the rain became, we decided to head up the highway for Bathurst instead of going through Tarana (we would have to leave that for another day!!).  It became cold and did I mention how much it rained!!!! After being blown around on the highway – we nearly swam into Kelso, to fill up on bottle shop supplies. 

This adventure has brought girls from all over – we have girls from Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney – it is great to see that the word is spreading and so many girls from all over are enjoying the annual Bathurst or Bust event.

Everyone made it safe and sound to our accommodation by 3.30pm and the beds assigned for the weekend.  Di and I headed off to Bathurst to organise the snacks, dinner for the night.  At least the rain had stopped and we had started to dry off. 

Pizzas where delivered at 6.30pm by the lovely Lisa from Eagle Boys and a few drinks consumed during the night.  The girls hit the sack pretty early after a great day of riding, eating, drinking and chatting. The lights where finally turned off about midnight….

The next morning we where up bright and early for a cooked breakfast to start the day off to a great start!!! On our bikes and make tracks to Hill End for lunch.  What a spectatular day, the sun was out, the birds where chirping and the roads where brilliant!!


We had a lovely lunch in the sun at the Hill End pub and wandered around this very histortic town, it really is amazing and makes us wonder how they managed in such tough conditions. 

After our lunch and great group photo, everyone had a fabulous ride in the sun back to our joint for the night. 

The girls started getting ready for their big night – a pyjama and pamper party.  We had a big night planned for them – all they had to do was dress up in their PJ’s (how easy is that!!!). 

Again, Di and I headed into Bathurst to organise for dinner to be delivered at 6.30pm and at 7.30pm the entertainment turned up!!  Without giving too many secrets away (what goes on tour – stays on tour! – you know the saying!!!)  the girls where laughing so hard, there where tears and sore stomach muscles.  By the end of the night, with a few passed out bodies – the lights finally turned off around 1am. 

After another hearty hot breakfast – the girls started packing their bikes up and getting ready to head home.  One of the best “BikieChic Adventures” ever experienced.

On the way home the sun was shining again (woohoo!!) and we finally got to ride the road through from Bathurst to Tarana – yep the scenery is still specatular!!  With a couple of stops along the way – more coffee and chocolate, we finally all made it home safe and sound. 

Hopefully we will see all you BikieChics on our next Adventure – thanks for coming!!!! 


2 thoughts on “BikieChic – Bathurst or Bust 2010

  1. Thanks for a GREAT weekend everyone – I had a ball! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and teaching me so much about riding! I look forward to the next weekend away 🙂

  2. That was one of the best weeknds away Ive had in a long while! Can’t wait for the next one xxx Ali

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