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BikieChic Adventure – Walcha Mixed Ride

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Well here we go again – these weekends away are just so much fun, that I start excited early in the week and started packing good an early.  I closed my PC down at lunchtime on Friday arvo and dashed home and loaded my chariot for the weekend.  This weekend my chariot of choice (ok it is all I had left to ride) was the Suzuki Bandit 1250.  I haven’t ridden this bike before so I was a little apprehensive about it and wondered how I would fairing after a full riding day on that bike. 

I rode up the coast to Hotel Scaysbrook and checked in for the night at Di’s place.  All the better to get an early start in the morning without having to deal with the morning peakhour!! Woohoo!”

On Saturday, Diane & Howard & I rode up to Kariong BP and met up with Virginia, Shelly and Jonathan.  Off we go again – and then came the rain too, but that’s ok – we put our wet weather gear on and kept moving.  Meeting up with some of the others at Beresfield Service Station.  Around 14 of us left the servo and headed up to Buckets Way to Gloucester for lunch – where we collected some more friends joining us for the weekend,  before moving on up to Walcha in the afternoon.  The weather didn’t do us any favours with rain and cold tempetures, but it was still just great to be out riding in NSW and making new friends.

Once we got to Walcha there was a Chinese drying room setup upstairs in the residencial area with the heater going full bore to dry all the jackets, pants, boots and gloves.  Greg & Michelle had ridden down from Lenox Heads and had already taken up camp in front of the telly watching the AFL grand final (take 2) in front of the heater.

After warm showers and dry clothes put on – we all meet up downstairs in the bar, where new friendships were formed and a few (just a few) drinks where had!!!!  Karen (from Commercial Hotel)  This was our first mixed (boys and girls!!) BikieChic Adventure – so it is going to be fun!! 

We had another great dinner that night at the Commercial – Karen always dishes up a great feed and keeps us laughing. 

The next morning the weather hadn’t improved a great deal, but we headed off anyway to Gingers Creek for an early lunch.  We all got wet again and it became a battle of whose wet weather gear was the best.  I was very happy with mine and now know it was well worth the extra dollars I spent on it!! 

On the way back to the pub that afternoon we had an accident in the group and Linda on her VTR came a cropper.  Fortunately for her – she came away without any major injuries, but her bike was much worse for wear!  It is a write off and she will be off bike shopping again soon no doubt!! 

Back to the drying room for all the wet riding gear and then off to the Appsley pub for dinner – mmmmmm Pizza!!!!  After a lot of laughs, pool games we decided to get the bus back to the sleeping pub! Oh yeah there was this game called the AFL Grand Final on as well.  Apparently it was some big deal to the locals up there, but I was more interested in watching the MotoGP, but they didn’t show that!!!


We left Walcha early the next morning heading home – it was still bloody raining – the locals had better not complain about any droughts for another 5 years I reckon.  This is the wettest BikieChic adventure we have ever had.  The rain finally stopped back down at Gloucester, but getting there was a huge effort, as coming down Nowendoc mountain area, you couldn’t see 5 foot in front of yourself, the road was really wet and very slippery.  But we all made it without any further incidents.     

We rode from Gloucester over to Patterson – and the sun was shining, it turned out to be fabulous weather for the rest of our ride home.  We all started peeling off towards home and another successful BikieChic adventure was over.  Until next times my friends – ride safe!!!


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