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BikieChic Adventure – Summer Holiday 2011

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So how was the weather down here over the wekend? Well if it was the same here as up north is was pretty damp!  If you have half an hour or so settle down with a cuppa or a beer and have a read!!   

I had an early start and wore wet weather gear from the start as it was raining here at 6.45AM. I has a solo ride to meet the gals at Berowra.  I was second to arrive as I allowed extra time in case I took a wrong turn somewhere but fortunately did get there without incident.

Time for a stretch and a cup of coffee before the rest meeting us there arrived. Jeanine came in from not too far away, Bronwyn and lots of others I cannot remember names for.. sorry gals. J.J. and Daffy ( her yellow vtr – tweetys twin) arrived and she had brought Kath, a new rider to the group but a very experienced (Hmmm racing…) rider on Darling, her Aprillia. Lots more came, about 20 of us here .. but I may have counted a few odd ones from other groups

Di took attendance then explained we would ride north and meet the others at Beresfield. We travelled on the Pacific highway a while before we got onto the Freeway and started scootin along on 110kph or therabouts for a while.  Was awesome, only a few light showers here and there but couldnt dampen our spitits.. they were soaring, well mine were anyway!! Just the feeling of being one of about 20 riders travelling was fantastic!! 

Eventually we spaced out a bit and that was cool.. as long as I could still follow a few fellow riders all good.. I wasnt sure of the way so I did not want to lose sight of all of them!  Eventually we came to a roundabout where our marker was pointing. I thought, this was where we were stopping so I pulled up just around the corner behind 3 or 4 others.  I was keen to tuck my rainhood in as it had been flapping behind me for a while and it was annoying me. When I stopped I looked up and there were 2 guys on bikes ahead of me.. oops.. wrong bikers.. looked ahead and saw a gals, so pulled out around the guys and parked near JJ and Kath. Kath was off her bike so I asked if she could tuck in my rainhood for me to save me struggling with it. She did that and I thanked her.. When I looked back up ahead I saw gals riding off.. Ohh no! I thought I better get goin’ or I wont know where to go!!  So, now, all tucked in I started up and followed, and JJ followed me and Kath followed her.

We were away, merrily zoomin up the road for a long time.. riding riding.. gee isnt the turn off coming up soon?? Tummy was grumblin, breakkie was ages ago and Tweety will need a refill soon too. JJ starts waving.. where are we?? I didnt know.. I was following her.. next Annie comes up and motions for us to pull over.  We obliged.. who was following who?? Oh dear.. Annie messaged Di that we would stop at the Rock..( Thanks Annie) seems that was just up a bit, so we did that.  Apparently, and I really don’t know who I saw go and who it was I was following, I thought she was a gal, and JJ thought it was a gal but maybe we followed the guys????

In any case we were way ahead of all the others it seemed, as they all stopped and regrouped with the second wave of riders( and gave out maps)  so we were going to wait for them to go by and we were supposed to join them. We got fuel and a snack and waited.. and waited.. and waited…we thought we may have missed them, so we sent a message to say we would meet them at the golf cub at Tea Gardens where we ( the group) were planning to have lunch.   There were five of us that travelled the ten ks or so to the golf club and we of course were the first to arrive. We thought we may as well order and beat the rush when the other 25 of us turn up, so we did.

 We were waiting for our orders to arrive  when the gals showed up!! We explained what happened and they decided it was JJ who just wanted to follow the cute guys that lead our small posse astray// lol// luv ya JJ!! Anita  Kath Sue and heaps of others all arrived too. Nice to see everyone!

Anyhoo.. lunch was great, and it was just a short 30 minute ride or so to our destination so Myall Lakes here we come.. again only minor showers from here  so not much on that front.  A small detour to purchase some refreshing beverages in case the bar wasn’t able to accomodate our tastes and we were off.

 Almost there, just a short ferry ride to go…. Now that was a different experience.. moving over the water while sitting on the bikes with sidestands down.. felt a tad eerie!  Di of course did a deal but got an even better one on the trip back!  Arriving back on Terra firma we turned left the 20 metres and we were there


 After a settling in period we went for a walk around and decided we would not swim in the lake with the green sand as it was a tad cool and rather breezy, the pool looked more appealing so that was next on the agenda.   Blissful.. warmish water  but still refreshing.. no chlorine.. salty even.. nice. A few joined us and we we were informed happy hour was at 5.30.. about 30 mins away.  Back for a shower and change for dinner and or pre dinner drinks..mmmmm the most popular was the strawberry champagne.. if the 14 empty (mini) bottles on the table was anything to go 


Dinner was a smorgasboard.. steak, snags and salad/ coleslaw, dessert was cheesecake and.. oops sorry OR  fruit salad, pity no one mentioned that before we all had our serves in front of us! I think most managed to get a taste of the cheesecake anyway.  After a lot of chatting and socialising it was back for a well earned rest from all the excitement of the day.   

Breakfast was croissants ( which they replenished when empty) a choice of cereals, toast and tea/coffee and or juice. A little more socialising and we were organised to leave about 10am. 

A quick group/class ( it seemed like it with 31 of us!! )photo by the ferryman and this time at $2 per head instead of $4 we were taken back across ready for our trip home..

Fuel at Tea Gardens then we were to meet at Karuah and some were going to head out and do a bit more exploring but as I was keen to get back ( a friends 60th) I got going, missing out on I am sure some more fun riding.  

I managed to get home through the rain, wind, fog and occassional clear patch of weather only to get more rain a few ks from home.

 I had a ball, only hope the next one is fun too!! Nowra- I heard someone say.. now that will be a shorter trip!!

 Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed ridin and writing.


Marg ridin’ Tweety

Photos supplied by the lovely Crissy

Weekend organised by the fabulous Di!!


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