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BikieChic Adventure – Nowra

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Another Advenutre had been planned!

Another group of BikieChics had answered the call!

Another wild weekend was in order!!

There where a couple of different groups coming from different directions on this ride.  The group I rode with met at Uncle Leos at Casula at 9.30am for a 10am departure.  About 7 girls met there, had a quick coffee, chat, catch up before heading down the road to Pheasants Nest, did a quick drive by to pick up a few more girls.  We pulled up just down the road at Mittagong Information Centre for a quick rest and to meet the new girls that had joined us. 

Group 1 at Mittagong

Group 1 at Mittagong

 After leaving Mittagong – we headed off along the beautiful Southern Highlands roads down to Kangaroo Valley where we had planned to have lunch, go to the local markets, and meet up with the other group of girls.  We had finally managed the weather to be absolutely amazing (thank god – I think I might have been strung up if it was wet again for this adventure!!!). 

Kangaroo Valley - Lunch stop

Kangaroo Valley - Lunch stop

After lunch we took the amazing road up to Cambawarra Lookout to the cafe that over looks the valley all the way down to Nowra.  What an amazing sight – great weather, great freinds, great roads – woohoo, I am in heaven!!!
Cambawarra Lookout Cafe

Cambawarra Lookout Cafe

 With a quick stop off at the local bottle shop in Nowra – we finally pulled into M&M Guesthouse – parked the bikes and quickly found our beds for the night.  In no time – bikes unpacked, a quick shower and change into comfy clothes – the bottles of wine and drinks were quickly opened and we were celebrating another fabulous day on the bikes.  As usual Di had arranged for the nights activities – with a word game we call PEGS and also the debut of BikieChic Bingo!  Both games brought out a the competitive edge of a few girls who played and mixed with a couple of games of table tennis and pool and alcohol – a bloody good night was had by all.   

M&M Guesthouse

M&M Guesthouse

M&M Guesthouse   The next morning after a little slow start – we all headed off to breakfast at the local McDonalds – a quick feed, a group photo and giggle about the antics of the night before.   

Breakfast Beauties

Breakfast Beauties

It wasnt long before we where back on the road looking for more great roads before heading home.  The weather started to  look a little ominus – time to pull out the wet weather gear – bugger!!!  We headed towards Kiama and pulled up for a another photo opportunity at the Blow Hole.   It wasnt long before we where back on the road looking for more great roads before heading home.    

Kiama Blowhole

Kiama Blowhole


From Kiama – a few of the girls peeled off to take various routes home.  Di, Kaz Virginia, Carol & myself headed west for Berrima where we fulfilled some more retail cravings – after a hour (or maybe 2) we had sufficent retail therapy, packed our purchases and headed home. 
It was another fabulous weekend – we rode some great roads, had many laughs and meet up with some new and existing freinds.  Thanks to everyone who participated and made it another one of my favourites.
Until next time – ride safe and often. 

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