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BikieChic’s – Yackandandah Adventure


Wow!  What can I say about our Yackandandah Adventure! It really was a ride of a lifetime with my best friend Selena and 27 other wonderful women.

 Leaving on Australia Day there wasn’t a lot of traffic & the weather was good. I handed out everyone’s little welcome pack with maps included. Excitement was high but they managed to listen to the riders brief without the whistle blowing! Everyone had their morning tea with them and we stopped at Bundanoon for morning tea in the park.

Keeping up a good pace we fuelled at Marulan then onto Goulburn and Wakefield Park for a bum rest. We did have to patch up one bike here, amazing what 100 mile an hour tape will do!

Finally got to Bungendore for lunch at 1.30, right on time. My 10 minute increments were working very well!

Back on the road after an hour and I decided to take them a back way thru Queanbeyan, beats going the highway! But with the traffic lights at the beginning and all the corners I ran out of corner markers! 26 riders and I had to stop and wait for someone! Never had that before!

Anyway, soon got back on the highway, stopped at Michalego for fuel, waved JJ over to turn in left but she just kept going!  Thought I was just waving!  Anyway, everyone soon caught up and then we rode into Cooma.

Nice motel, The Soveriegn.  Dinner over the road at the Chinese restaurant was a scream, you had to be there!  Maybe it was all the wine and champagne we had consumed on the back lawn of the motel before dinner!

We left early the next morning for the best days ride, Adaminaby for a photo with the big fish, onto Kiandra for a photo stop.

Now it was after here the problems started with no corner marker, so poor Kaz was well on her way in the opposite direction to Tumba-bloody-rumba! Thank heavens she remembered the maps I’d given her and caught up to us 2 hrs later at Tooma Dam. Not happy Jan!

Anyway by the time we got to Corryong with one bike left behind in the mountains, Sandra waiving us down from her car because of a tree over the road and Susie in a car with a strange man, having the pub say sorry, your 10 mins late for lunch, didn’t really worry us! We just went elsewhere down the road; the pub obviously had plenty of money and didn’t need $500 from all of us!

Rounding everyone up after lunch was hard, just because it was 36 degrees, but once they remembered there was a swimming pool, just 1 hr 20 mins away at Yacka, they were keen to go.

 We finally got there at 5.30pm, begging for room keys so we could get our riding gear off.

Gary, the owner couldn’t believe 29 women in one go! I’d booked the whole motel for the 2 nights so he was happy. Ten minutes later everyone was diving in the pool, some of us didn’t even bother with swimmers, underwear was enough! Even the ones with the special little pocket!

I organised dinner down the road at the pub for 7.30pm but I had buckleys chance of getting them out of the pool so I found the only Pizza place in town. He was a bit shocked when I said I wanted 18 pizzas, he told me his oven only cooked 6 at a time, so thanks to Sandra and the car we did a few trips to town for pizza and yep, you guessed it, more wine and champagne!

Gary finally kicked the last of the girls out of the pool at 10pm.

 Saturday was very hot so we all went for different rides and ended up at Beechworth for lunch. Another nice town in country Victoria. We’d spent the morning shopping in Yacka and now the afternoon in Beechworth, plus we had to find some hair dye for Anastasia. We decided to dye her hair, by the pool of course Saturday arvo. Turned out fabulous and she loved it!

Saturday night we all marched into town with our red BikieChic hats on, to the Rally dinner at the pub.  It was a pleasant night with a cool breeze at last. Not a huge turnout, our group was half the Rally! But we all had lots of fun as usual and yep, you guessed it, more wine and champagne!

The walk home took a bit longer, we were all a bit slower walking up the hill, laughing all the way, just as well there wasn’t many neighbours.

 Some of the group left at 7am Sunday morning to return to Sydney but 20 of us left at 9am and had another fantastic ride over the Snowy Mountains again. It was very hot and we took a different road this time. No one got lost and we had a picnic lunch in Cabramurra in the shade. Stopped at Adaminaby on our way back to Cooma and we were lucky enough to meet the local policeman, Matt. Just remember, if you are ever in that town he may be watching, could even be out of uniform, so don’t do anything wrong!

30 mins later we arrived back in Cooma and yep, you guessed it, stocked up on some more wine and champagne! Selena and I sent Louise out on our BMW’s for a test ride and sure enough, she’s turned! By the time you read this she’ll have bought one I reckon! So another enjoyable evening having a few drinks and lots of laughs.  Anytime I looked around the group all I could see was big cheesy smiles!

 We were also lucky enough to be riding with our own journalist, Terri Dodd, so expect to see a magazine in Australian Road Rider ‘Cruiser & Trike’

 The next morning, Monday, was a bit wet and no one was in a hurry to get home so it was a slow trip.

 After 5 days and 4 fun-filled nights it was the longest ride many of the girls had ever done and it was by far the best roads they had ever ridden. Some of them managed well on 250cc bikes.  We had a few things go wrong, most we fixed thank heavens.

 So, I think we’ll do it all again next year! See you on our next adventure,

Di & Selena


3 thoughts on “BikieChic’s – Yackandandah Adventure

  1. Fantastic 5 days – thanks to everyone (especially Di & Selena) for a great time! Definitely looking forward to Anna Bay 🙂

    • Thanks for THE best ride….great ladies, great fun, & more great adventures ahead. Anna Bay here I come !!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. A great ride led by Di with Selena at the the back of the pack – beautful riding country – great group of girls – WOW factor 10 out of 10. Hope to do it all again next year!

    Trish Timmins

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